Our company began in 2012 by Todd & Dina Griffin (Windows Plus Construction) and is now run by their daughter Shelby Silvera. Every property we manage is carefully maintained and serviced. We focus on timely, professional service and only use quality, licensed contractors and materials to keep your property in top notch shape.

The focus of our business is to be a solid bridge between the owner, their investment and the tenants who call these properties home.

By choosing Griffin Property Management, owners experience a proactive property management approach that keeps their property in the best condition possible and tenants get a timely, responsive resource sensitive to their privacy and lifestyle.

We keep meticulous records and stay on top of the latest laws regarding rentals and leasing. When you use Griffin Property Management, you are partnering with a small, local company focused on helping you be the best landlord you can be, while removing much of the burden that being a landlord entails.